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Jamie Najera BSN, RN - Biography

Jamie Najera is a Clinical Educator at Esperanza Health Centers in Chicago who is passionately

committed to advancing health equity and ensuring optimal community health outcomes. Drawing on

her extensive knowledge and expertise, she works tirelessly to bridge health education and prevention

disparities, playing a pivotal role in transforming how care is delivered within her community.

In addition to being recognized for her leadership skills and expertise, Jamie is also an advocacy

champion. She holds positions on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

(NAHN), serving nationally and within its Illinois state chapter. Through her work with NAHN, Jamie

dedicates countless hours to volunteering in the community.

Jamie's commitment to disease prevention is evident through her comprehensive approach to

education. With a profound belief in the potential for a more equitable healthcare landscape, she strives

daily to uplift those she serves and works diligently with her community to pave the way for improved

health outcomes. As a graduate student at Chamberlain University, Jamie has a vision for a future in

public health and aims to refine healthcare systems and craft impactful policies that can create a

healthier nation.


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